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Rainy day! Have you got a nice weekend? I relaxed two days……

Today I wanna show some different style of wedding gowns with sleeves. Do you like it?(I like it, it’s beautiful~)

Considering the cold weather in fall and winter, you wanna be a bride of winter? Wear a cape, a cloak or wrap a fur stole over your wedding dress, and then matched with wraps, scarves and gloves. Satin or Taffeta is good choice for you, which shows elegant and warm in winter. Just imagine, I can feel warm, and you? Next are some styles show you:

wedding dresses witha cloak

wedding dresses with lace sleeves

winter wedding dresses

winter wedding dresses

winter wedding dresses

What is your choice?



A bad traffic today! But now, I’m excited! Why not? Weekends come! And now I desire to show some sexy dresses for you!

Not every bride-to-be loves the wedding gown in princess style, right?(A secret,’I love the elegant one~’) You have a gorgeous figure and the seductive wedding dress is absolutely your best choice! Here are some seductive wedding dresses for you! Hope you could have some inspiration of your own unique wedding gown in you big day.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Hi-cut, deep v-neckline, and soft fabric, this dress includes all of sexy elements.

Reem Acra

Reem Acra

If you love glitter, the dress is the best idea for you. Hi-cut and beaded embellishments make the dress float when you move.

Elizabeth Fillmore

Elizabeth Fillmore

The dress designed just like specifically for rock brides, right? Sheer skirt with sequins is so cool!

Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo

Combine sexy and romance, just as lace embellished the edge of hi-cut. You can image the train waving when a breeze goes by. It’s surreal.

Kenneth Pool

Kenneth Pool

You see Kenneth Pool is known as elegance, but low sweetheart shows elegance and sexy.

These sexy dresses could help you? Just choose by your love is the best!Have a nice weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving! A cold day, but I really love it! In this special day, heartbeating veils I wanna share with you!

As you see, veil is the most symbolic meaning accessary of wedding dresses. According to the style of your wedding gown and hairstyle, ways of veil you match are different. Don’t be overlook the effect of veils, it might make you more attractive! 5 styles of veils for you to move your Mr.Right.

Long Beautiful Lace Hem Veil

This long veil suits for a solemn wedding ceremony. And lace hem details stand for ancient style, which make you elegance.

Lace Hem Veil

One Layer Beading Veil

Patterned with irregular exquisite beads. Feel fresh, right?

Beading Veil

Satin Hem Two Layer Veil

Soft and short veil would be floating when dresser’s walking. You are energetic in this veil.

Satin Hem Veil

Mantilla Wedding Veil

Designed with lace embroidery hem, make you more solemn.

Mantilla Veil

Minmalist Bridal Veil

This veil is just like a hair embellishment. Wear it, you are shining star. It suits for exquisite contour of a face.

Minmalist Veil


Nice day! I wanna share some different things for you. The thought of today is Cheong-sam! Wish you like it~

Cheong-sam is the symbol of oriental lady. Although it’s not the unique choice for oriental brides nowadays, it is still a classic dress, which shows the dresser’s elegant temperament and best figure. Next, Cheong-sam will present for you.


Different colors in Cheong-sam

Red cheong-sam shows bride’s stable and energetic. You see red means lucky. White and blue are elegant and intellectual, and most brides choose it. If you’re a modern bride, yellow and orange maybe your good choice. While you wanna look striking and mystical, black is the best.

Style of Cheong-sam

Generrally, you might think that petite brides are not suitable for dressing cheong-sam and it belongs to tall brides, right? Absolutely not! In this day, more styles of cheong-sam you can pick out. And petite brides can choose a short cheong-sam. Morever, modern cheong-sam includes more elements, such as bright colors, which are suitable for brides who are dark skin.

Choice of Fabric

Silk might be the best choice, but more suitable in sping and summer. Winter comes, satin is admittedly your choice.

Hair style and embellishments

Any style of your hair is okay, just you like. But remember, hair embellishments are necessary and need to match your cheong-sam.

With a classic touch and allure, do you desire to own one in your personal wardrobe?

Golden autumn comes! Falllen leaves dance followed with wind. It is a sentimental season. But I love this season, which is the merge of cool and warm. At this moment, it’s easy to recall my memory. And you?

fall journey

I might consider too much. When I go back to home in a bus, I always feel like a journey but just myself. See the scenery on the way in daytime, enjoy the silence and feel the trace left by the night. I always eat, sing and sleep alone. However, one day, I am eager for a warming hug, expecting to share beautiful scene I saw, songs I heared, delicious food I tasted and I wanna have a person stay behing or nearby. I also wanna share my happiness to him. Thus, marriage means our two journey but not my own trip and double memories in my life. And next station, will I meet you? I expect to it…

This is my feeling about this beautiful and sad fall. What is your feeling? And whether there has been a person, maybe your Mr.Right, together with you now?

lovers hands holding

She liked showing off herself before mirror when she was a girl.She loved to wear like a princess in a beautiful anna sui when she went out.She was always a pretty princess in her own parents eyes.The truth is every girl has her own dress,which reprsents her imagination of growing up.

little girl

Then she really grew up and studied in a school.Walking down the campus path,which has been shade of green,she came across her first love.Love between she and he was immature,but which was more innocent.Just imaged,a long dress she weared waved every time a breeze passed,or a personality simple blue jeans and a white simple T-shirt,that was nice and pure.

first love

After leaving campus,many reasons led to the final of her pure and immature first love.Worked hard for living ,understood the vogue especially trend in clothes,learned to grow up and then matured.She threw out her converse,and various brands of high-heeled shoes were full of shoe cabinet instead.Always remember a word,stated that to be a woman, you must have a pair of your very own high-heeled shoes,which symbolizes your maturity.


She stood a stable job and a new steady affection after working some time.But she still appreciated her first love ,which she learned how to trust in and cherry her new lover,and made her love exist for a long time.From they were in love with each other,then falling in love and knowing each other well, to live together forever in the end.And today ,Marriage is the travel’s beginning of they two .A perfect bridal dress and an elaborate arrangement wedding ceremony,which is her best moment.Following with her dad,walking to her groom step by step,and swearing their own pledge in front of priest and relatives,say ‘I do’,and new page of her life starts.At this moment,a wedding dress symbolises her new life.

wedding day

And what’s your experience of your lifetime?

The trend of wedding dresses in 2011, which released a retro flavor. While in 2012, retro style maybe going ahead!

You think only the wedding gown of your grandma symbolizes classic style? NO! Nothing can stop the designers’ inspiration from classic.

Fishtail wedding gown with embroidery in neck and train, show the dresser’s top figure.

wedding dress

Lace dress and lace veil matched with a crown are the typical of classic style.

wedding dress

Strapless halter tulle A –line with belt and embroidery, simple but elegant.

wedding dress

Sweetheart and floral sleeves are attractive.

wedding dress

Strapless sweetheart tulle ballgown with trapunto-stitched gazaar corset from Vera Wang.

wedding dress

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