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Flowers are always a significant section of wedding decorations, with roses being an elegant and popular selection. However, daisies – with their simpler beauty, bright eyes, and rustic charms – are also quite popular. Daisies come in a wide array of colors and color combinations, and are versatile ample to dress up for a charming wedding and dress down for a plain one. In case you select on a daisy wedding theme for your ceremony or reception, you are going to have a wide variety of daisy-decorated wedding items to select from.

Daisy wedding and shower invitations are facility improvable, when are daisy wedding programs – you may download a free template of a wedding program with daisies. Customizable and individual daisy mint tins are popular wedding favors, and daisy earrings or small handbags decorated with daisies would be well-received gifts for the bridesmaids. Make your own daisy wedding favor box by purchasing silk daisies in the color of your option and gluing one to a length of satin or organza ribbon you are going to tie around your selection of favor box. After that fill the box with your loved candy. Guests like edible favors. maintain that hot glue gun handy and glue some more of those silk daisies to color coordinated flip flops and, VOILA!, you have a little present for the bridesmaids that they may apply at the reception while their heels can be tuckered out. Daisy cake toppers, daisy hair clips, and daisy candles may all increase a little additional daisy whimsy to your wedding as well.

In selecting on your daisy floral arrangements, you are going to of course have the selection of ordering them from a local florist, however in case you are planning far ample ahead, you can save some money by ordering directly from the grower, raising them yourself or having a pal or family member with a green thumb do it for you. Daisies tend to be both tough and prolific flowers, and grow well in a wide variety of climates. In case you plan on having your wedding during a time of year while daisies are not in flower, you can make arrangements with a local greenhouse to grow them for you, though this is going to increase the cost. Gaining your fresh daisies (but you end up doing so) are going to offer you with several quite fresh, vibrant, long-lasting flowers that are going to surely increase a special romantic touch to your wedding.
Will you apply any of these wedding ideas? What other advices for applying daisies could be useful.


Color theory may be a lovely big iterm to cover and is not actually essential to decide what colors to apply for your wedding. Though a little color theory knowing might not damage! There are also some sites on the internet that may assist with combining colors.
While learning color theory, there are a great deal of terms applied that maybe require a little explaining. I am considering particularly of tones, tints and hues.
Pure color is referred to as a hue. The main colors of red, blue and yellow are every a hue. Changeable of hues are made by increasing black, gray or white to them. White is going to lighten a color and produce a “tint” of the original color, for instance, in case you increase white to red you are going to have a shade of pink which is a tint of hue color red. Black darkens a color by producing a “shade”; again, applying the hue color of red, while you increase black to it you produce the shade Maroon. While increasing gray to a hue color, you make a “tone”, so while you increase gray to the hue color of red, you are going to have a tone color of rose.
You may also mingle main colors together to have what are called Secondary Colors. Moreover so as not to leave out a significant term here, we also have triadic color. In case you are making a triadic color scheme, you are applying three colors that are equally spaced apart on the color wheel. Triadic color harmonies may be equally spaced tones, tints, shades or hues. The main colors are an example of three equally spaced colors on the color wheel (red, blue and yellow).
I like to consider in terms of tones, tines and hues while working with flowers and selecting colors to coordinate with the bridal activity attire. At present, all that being said, I usually say, in the consequence, this is an individual preference; what colors do you love, what colors are coming to you, what colors make you feel perfect, what colors look great on you, what colors look good on your bridal party, what colors coordinate with the reception decor?

In a wedding, the couples will dance to enahnce the atmosphere and make guests feel the warm and make the depp impression. So a special wedding song not only make the couple feel happy and exciting, but also the guests enjoy. The select of wedding songs have more knowledge than we image. The song should not the old song we have heard so many times that we do not want to hear again. However, the new songs are not so easy popular and welcomed by elder people. Especially pop music should be considered carefully. This song should have slow step and all of the guests can dance with this melody.
I suggest as The First Dance a version of the famous song Borderline by Madonna performed by the group The Flaming Lips. Truthfully, I had not heard this version before they enquired me in case I was willing to play it.
“Of course, I am willing. It is your wedding.”

While I got home that evening after we met to plan their wedding, I downloaded the song and was pleasantly surprised. It was slow, melodic and after that quickly and then slower and made tension throughout. They had told they were going to choreograph their First Dance and have several pleased with it. Focused on the fact that they are both quite creative and alternative people, I understood it might be attractive at least, in case not outrageous. It turns out they were both teaching English in South Korea the similar year as me as well!
What I did not view appearing was the improvisational piece they increased DURING their First Dance!

You know in the world, there are a lot of wonderful destinations, but where will include on your honeymoon list, your first selection may be a Sandals Resort. No sorrows are allowed, everything is concluded from meals to drinks to scuba diving, and romance full of beachfront locations, gourmet dining, private pools and luxurious spas. This will be the best location to enjoy your honeymoon, freely and cozy. So how do you choose the best Sandals resort for you?

Your selection of islands like tropical weather year round however the northern Bahamas may be too cool for a bathing fit in December and more vulnerable to hurricanes in the fall.

Since you have selected a location it is the time to consider about which place is best for you. Have a party beside pools and the sunshine fall down on your skin, so pleased and attractive! Compare with champine will be more cozy!

Today I don’t wanna show the wedding details to you. But it relates to the marriage.

What’s your opinion on marriage? I think marriage is an affair that influence on the whole life, but sometimes it’s not. I’ll treat the marriage as a journey that relates to love and familial affection. If we have to stop, and next new journey will be waiting for us, where the landscapes are adorable and beautiful too. Marriage and love are complicated. Why? Just as they are refered to your heart. We can’t hold the changing marriage and life, but we can grasp ourself , the attitude to someone and something, and the love to our life. All of these are in our hands, just depend on yourself.

There are still many women living for family or husband, right? It’s too tired with life. I think we aren’t living for men, improving ourselves to cater to men, and even for them to manage the marriage of you two. Remember that we live for our own, our happiness and value of the life. Even if we fail finally, we have done our best to this marriage and love. One day, if we can’t walk with him for a long time, the other journey will be nice, undoubtedly. But we must keep our heart with hope and love, which will support us going on our journey of life!

These words which I writed to all of women. Maybe something happened to me these days. Some friends broke up with their lovers, and I always think they can hold their hands to the rest of life!:( But I wish all of my friends and you could keep nice dream that one day you could meet your Mr.Right!!!:D


A sunny day!! And new week! Yesterday evening, I had a family party with my sisters and brothers. To celebrate the back of my brother from troop. We had a wonderful time!! So today, I wanna bring happiness to all of you! Wish you had a nice day!

I always love sweet food, so I can’t resist the lure of sweet dessert. Wedding cake and dessert are the key element in a wedding, and the position after the wedding. You must take it into consideration. And you could make a cake just for you depends on your wedding theme and your taste. I don’t know whether you could feel happy when you taste the sweet dessert, but I do. When I am in sad, a candy or dessert could improve my mood. So I wish I could own a dessert shop if one day~ A sweet dream… And the first thing I can do is learning to make dessert and bread!! And you? 😀

Today, I’ll show some different designs of wedding cakes for you!! Hope you like them!!

(all of these pics from weddingcakecreations and theknot, thanks fr sharing)

Sunny day!! Love all of readers who read my post always or once time or this time. Wish you had an unusual day! And it’s colder now! keep warm my friends!!
I love treasure everything and every moment that I had. So I love taking photos. You see a picture can express everything, and even more than words. While wedding photos are more meanningful. They contain your love, your happy and sorrow memory, your passion and joy. This is timeless moment, which couldn’t be insteaded. You must have a big day, and on that day, you would discuss how to present your nice imagination with your photographer. And next, let’s enjoy the super moment and super works from the topest photographer. You’ll see the beauty from big day, and expect this beauty happened to yourself.

Have a nice weekend!!!:D

(All of these pictures are from chrispluslynn, benchrisman, jonaspeterson, ericlauritsweddings, 6offour. Thanks for sharing!)



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