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A wedding can leave fond memories. Each new couple has done a lot preparations to do that. So a wedding always makes the bride and bridegroom feel difficult. Stevie and I met while rock climbing at a local gym when we lived in Amarillo. He was a pretty boy and very attractive. We began to talk and then climbing together regularlt, and we have the same experiences, so we have many topics. You can image that he has many skills for climbing, and he was so kind to share them with me. I got a lot of helps from him. After that, we fell in love with each other.

We have invited a lot of our climbing friends, and most of them are men. Then we asked them to act as our groomsmen, and fortunately they have the time to take part in our wedding. Our wedding is so great and I become an unique lady in the wedding. We planed to hold our wedding in a church, where just aparts from my family 400 miles away. The photoes were took by my firend—Sandrine, she is fond of taking photoes, and she is veryprofession. These photoes have written down the perfect memories.


The women beauty not only comes from makeup, but also the accessories. The amazing necklace, bracelet, hairpieces, rings and so on, all can make ladies elegant and charming. You can image if you have a large flower crown on your head, wheater ornament overload or just right. I have to say it depends on where you are going, a party or just street. If you take part in a party, and you want to be the center point, this will not overload. If you wear this to go street, may attract more attention but people may think you are crazy.

You must have a lot of rings in your jewel cases, and are pride of them. On your long and thin fingers company with colorful rings will be luxury, and you have to print nail polish. In your wedding, do you want to carry a lot of ornaments? Some may say yes, some are not. As a result, your whole style should suitable. The simple wedding ceremony do not need too much ornaments to decorate, just white necklace is required. The luxury wedding selects more ornaments to decorate may have a sence of lord. Are you ready for select your favorate accessories? Let’s go shopping!

A world can be so amazing, in our daily life, we often forget to enjoy the scenery. In fact, the world is so charming than we have known. Yesterday is Valentine’s day, a lot of people get married in this day, a kind day for the lovers. So there are also many new couples select this day to have their honeymoon. Where to go? In this video, you may have some advices.

In my opinion, this movie is found in this morning, very special. I do not know how does it make, but very wonderful. I like this amazing nature, the huge falls, colorful sky, make me surprising. And there are many culture in other places, the local culture attract me very much, and in my schedual, I plan to have a trip to some of these locations. The nature can make us feel comfortable, and relax our heart, without all troubles. To breath the fresh air, and swim in the sea, very exciting. Do you have planed your honeymoon location? If you do not, that will be pity. Packing for a trip, you will find you have known little, everything can be changed in little time. Like the setting sun, the color of the sky likes an ink painting!

TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

In Valentine’s day, what are you going to do? This is now the popular topic in these days. A lot of people say they will have a big dinner with lover, go to shopping and watch movies. All you have to do is just depend on their own interest. the valentine’s day comes from Europe, so how do the foreigners celebrate this festival in china? A lot of foreigners friends said the Chinese valentine’s day is so crazy, many bussiness invloves, and very important.

The Valentine’s day do not only belongs for lovers, many students send cards to their parents or friends, they want to spread love in this festival. The ages from children to old people, there are no limit in ages. In this day, it is the good chance to confess your love, if you have a girl in the heart. Have a festival in the home will also be wonderful. On account of a lot of people like DIY, so have a dinner in your little room, have your own space without disturb will be a perfect idea.

So the first step is to decorate your room, make your room full of festival atmosphere. The gold balloons will make people pleased, and place some flowers. With the fragrant, your confession will be success. If you have the ability and condition, just make some cakes by yourselves, this can enahnce the friendly. And heart hold pillows can be the best decorations, colors can be red or pink. In your house all can be DIY, and enjoy your day!
Happy Valentine’s day!

In this year, my friends and colleagues are busy with getting married. So as a bridesmaid I should select my bridesmaid dress. I have to say that there are too many styles of bridesmaid dresses, so I have no idea about them. So I show some of them for you to help me to select one. My friend’s wedding will begin in March, I want a bridesmaid dress with bright color and make me look thin. I am not tall, so I need high-heel shoes and the wedding theme is white, which color will suit this theme? And I want to have a different hairstyle, if I choose a long tessed, I think will be more beautiful.

In fact, I always wear different color for routine. So in her wedding I do not know which color will suit well. In my mind white will be the best, however, I want to wear pink or yellow to be individual. As you see, I have no idea, I was in trouble. If you have some suggestions, please make me know in advance. Thanks for all.

What kind of wedding make you crazy? There is a wedding for Carah Daye. She has eight bridesmaid, and all are her best friends. They told Carah they had an idea, very special, so she agreed. That is rainbow bridesmaids come across the bridge. Their boots have eight colors like rainbow, and this idea makes the passerby exciting, almost all passerby look at them. Look! These the wellies for the crazy moment.

You can ask why they have this idea, because the wedding date have been done, however, the weather seem not good, and will rain that day, so Carah was sad. Her bridesmaids said do not worry, not all wedding can have such weather, we could hold a rain wedding. And fortunately the bridesmaids have eight girls, so they act as rainbow, make this wedding so amazing!

Taffeta V-Neckline with Pleated Gown 2012 Fuchsia Sheath Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta Strapless Softly Curved Neckline with Asymmetrical Pleated Bodice 2012 Red Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress
 Taffeta Strapless Sweetheart Neckline with Pleated Gown 2012 Yellow Sheath Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta Softly Curved Neckline Cap Sleeves with Asymmetrical Pleated Bodice 2012 Plum Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta One-Shoulder Strap with Asymmetrical Pleated Gown 2012 Blue Sheath Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta Strapless Sweetheart Neckline with Rouched Bodice 2012 Black Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Strapless Straight Neckline with Delicate Ruffle Accents 2012 Plum Column Bridesmaid Dress
Satin Strapless Sweetheart Neckline with Pleated Bodice 2012 Plum Column Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta Strapless Straight Neckline with Bow Accents 2012 Brown A-Line Bridesmaid Dress
 Chiffon One-Shoulder Strap with Hand-Made Flower Accents 2012 Green A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

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