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1. Sample Sales/Trunk Shows

wedding dresses budget tipKeep your eyes peeled for sample sales, where bridal shops will sell off their stock for a fraction of the price to make room for new season pieces. Check out announcements in the Old Faithful forum, where we post about these events weekly or on the ‘Shows’ page where we list wedding shows and often other Irish wedding events going on around the country, including bridal shop sales. Trunk shows are popping up all over the country also, taking a leaf from stylish brides and fabulous designers in the US. Trunk shows offer brides the opportunity to meet the designer or a representative of the company and view the entire new collection during an appointment. Often on these days the bridal store hosting the event will offer a special discount on the dresses.

2. Rent your Accessories

 wedding accessories tipsRenting is becoming a more and more popular way for people to get their hands on otherwise unaffordable designer clothes and jewellery. It’s a great way to find a statement piece that you know you would only be wearing once anyway.

3. Hit the High Street

budget wedding dress tipsMany high street shops have taken the leap into bridal recently, and are now offering a range of dresses specifically for the wedding market. Of course many of these gowns won’t be made to the same standard as actual wedding dresses (which use top quality materials and techniques such as boning, corsetry, hand beading and hooping to create a top of the line gown that shapes, holds and feels like the most luxurious and beautiful thing you’ve ever put next to your skin!) but if your budget is in and around the two-to-three hundred mark, this could be a great option. bridal offer an entire collection dedicated to brides and the wedding party, including wedding dresses, bridal cover ups, bridesmaids dresses, bridal shoes and hair accessories.

4. Charity Stores

budget bridal dress tipsAnother place to find designer dresses at a fraction of the cost is charity stores. Several charity shops in Ireland have developed bridal rooms within their stores and offer a dedicated service to find brides-to-be their dream dress. Barnardos Bridal, for example, receives brand new, never worn wedding dresses directly from designers and bridal stores, selling them for a fraction of the original retail price. Of course not only might you manage to find an incredible gown on a budget, but you’ll also be helping to change a child’s life through funding the great work Barnardos do for vulnerable children all over the country.

5. Second Hand/Once Worn/Pre-loved Bridal Shops

second-hand wedding dress Pre-loved, once worn, or second hand wedding dresses are a great way to get your hands on the dress of your dreams without paying the full whack for it. Many of these shops buy designer dresses from brides to sell them on, in pristine condition to budget savvy brides. What is important about these gowns is that they are the real deal, not knock offs that feel flimsy or will fall apart the morning of the big day! The sellers are trusted as they seek out the quality names and designs in the international bridal market that the most stylish and exacting of brides.

6. Something Borrowed? Something Shoes!

wedding shoes tipsHave you been eyeing up that pair of Jimmy Choos your mate bought last year? Why not subtly hint to her how much they’d go with your wedding dress a few times before flat out telling her a lendsies could take the place of a costly present? If one of your friends or female relatives suffers from a bit of a shoe fetish, chances are she’ll be more than happy to lend you one of her good pairs for the big day. Alternatively you could wear a pair of shoes you already own and love, they’ll be broken in and you’ll know how you’ll feel after 10 hours in them!

7. Mid-season Bridesmaids

budget wedding dress tipsTo save on bridesmaids’ dresses, one option is to shop the high street during transition of stock. As with all season sales, the trick is to get in their early and know what you want. Scout out the dresses while they’re at full price and get the girls to try them on so that you have their correct sizes. Then play the waiting game. If when it comes to sale time they’re out of a size fret not, getting one dress altered isn’t going to break the bank but know the price of alteration before going in or you could end up at full price all over again! Of course another option we champion for certain types of weddings (small weddings, boho wedding, rustic style, outdoor or festival style weddings) there is an option for bridesmaids to wear a dress they already have, thus taking the stress and the budget constraints off you. Nice!


It doesn’t matter if you’re exchanging vows under a willow tree, in a house of worship or on a windswept bluff. Sometimes the epitome of style can come down to the old adage: it’s not where you go but how you get there.


Vintage Car

Try a: Vintage Car
If you’ve ever dreamed of riding in a 1939 Packard limo like in the movies, then what are you waiting for? Arrive at your ceremony and, later, your reception in style by renting one of these vintage cars like an original Model Ford, of yesteryear. Companies like Classic Wedding Car Rentals in Chicago specialize in wedding transportation that includes a professional chauffeur for the day.


Horse-drawn carriage

Try a: Horse-drawn carriage
Whoever knew there were so many kinds of horse-drawn carriages! There’s the classic “limousine,” an open-top style that can seat up to four. The “vis-à-vis” is similar to the style that served Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, in her wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986. For the “princess bride” effect, go for a “Cinderella coach,” a white wrought-iron carriage in the shape of a magic pumpkin, of course. All of these and more can be found at special event companies like Your Enchanted Carriage in Southern California.


Rolls Royce

Try a: Rolls Royce
Nothing is more majestic on four wheels than a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a design first introduced to the road in 1955 by this English motor works. As one of the most elegant cars on the road, it is certainly appropriate for a black-tie formal wedding and the bride who is hosting such an event. Companies like Monarch Limousines in Houston specialize in this fleet of fine vehicles. The hardest part is choosing between the Cloud II or Cloud III models.


Bicycle built for two

Try a: Bicycle built for two
Introducing a novel option for you, your groom and even to get your guests from the ceremony site to the reception–as long as it’s close-by. Rent vintage bicycles! A popular alternative to the party bus for those seeking a more low-key, but hip style, many are, er, “exercising” their right to rent a fleet of bicycles for their guests to ride to the reception as the newly married lead the way on a bicycle built for two. One fantastic vendor who has already rented out bikes for weddings is Perry’s in Santa Monica, Calif.


Trolley or vintage taxicab

Try a: Trolley or vintage taxicab
Another great way to extend your transportation style is to rent a vintage trolley for you and your guests to jump on en route to the reception. Way cooler than buses, trolleys, like those from The New York Trolley Company, can accommodate up to 34 guests. If you’d prefer just to ride with your new spouse instead? Consider hiring a vintage “checker cab” from Manhattan-based Film Cars instead.



Try a: Scooter or Vespa
This isn’t for the bride in a ball gown with the sweeping train, but riding to the chapel on a scooter is definitely a photo-worthy way to get attention! Be sure you’ve ridden these two-wheelers a few times before you hire them for the Big Day (natch), or save this adventure for your honeymoon. Miami’s Beach Scooter has a few styles to choose from—all can zip you to the altar in a hurry!


Pick-up truck

Try a: Pick-up truck
Just to prove that not all wedding transportation options have to be expensive or glitzy, there’s always the tried-and-true DIY-decorated car or pick-up truck. Streamers, a “Just Married” sign and a just-washed, spotless truck can do the job all of these alternative vehicles—a unique, fun way to make your grand entrance special!

ideas for the budget weddings

1. Since a large vase takes a huge amount of cut flowers, use three to four small vases instead, packed tightly with full-blown blooms. This gives you that lush look, while using relatively few flowers. Intersperse the vases with a few candles in mismatched glass or silver candleholders, or little votive candles.

ideas for the budget weddings

2. Look for interesting floral containers from unique sources: Ikea, flea markets, garage sales, wholesale floral markets, Etsy, thrift stores or maybe even eBay. Start collecting well in advance so you have plenty of time to select the best pieces at the lowest prices.

ideas for the budget weddings

3. Use gorgeous, fresh fruit in your centerpieces, such as clusters of grapes, bright oranges, apples, or pomegranates. The fruit takes up space, allowing you to use fewer flowers.

ideas for the budget weddings

4. Mix just a few large, expensive, full-blown roses in each arrangement of less-expensive blooms to create a lavish look.

ideas for the budget weddings

5. To add a little glitz to your table, spray paint apples, artichokes or pears (we prefer white for the warm summertime months and gold for the holidays), then place them in a bowl or cylindrical vase, or simply scatter them on their own down the table.

ideas for the budget weddings

6. Think vegetarian. A handsome wooden bowl overflowing with an assortment of vegetables such as bright red chili peppers, green jalapenos, and a variety of heirloom tomatoes can be precisely what you’re looking for.

ideas for the budget weddings

7. Or, consider lining a wooden salad bowl with a single tropical leaf, adding some coconuts and half a dozen limes for a beachy, summertime look. Finish it off with a few kiwi fruits cut in half–heaven!

ideas for the budget weddings

8. Fill up four martini glasses with water, add a sparkling drop of food coloring and a floating candle and place them on each table or on your buffet table.

ideas for the budget weddings

9. What could be more versatile and resourceful than a green, leafy artichoke? Transform the unassuming vegetable into votive and place card holders.

Here’s how: Cut off the bottom of the artichoke so it’s able to stand up by itself, vertically. Now separate the leaves at the top, open it up, and insert a candle in the middle.

ideas for the budget weddings

10. Turn a simple Styrofoam cone you’ve wrapped in tinfoil into a stunning topiary, studded with whatever food you want to showcase and serve.

Milk and cookies are uber hot at weddings right now. Whether you’re serving them instead of cake, just as an extra dessert, or in a dessert bar, nothing goes better together than cookies and milk. Check out these photos of milk and cookies to get inspiration for your wedding day.

wedding cookies and milk

Milk in shot glasses and mini chocolate-chip cookies are the perfect way for your servers to pass the treat. I love the chocolate milk option… well, I love chocolate anything, I’m basically addicted to chocolate. But, how isn’t?

wedding cookies and milk

The champagne glasses display is increasing in popularity, as well as the multi-color chocolate chip cookies.

wedding cookies and milk

I love the idea of placing yummy cookies on top of a glass of milk with a straw peeking through.

wedding cookies and milk

A bar/buffet of milk and cookies is an easy, diy and affordable way to showcase these yummy treats, here are my favorite displays.

wedding cookies and milk

Different flavors of milk and cookies are a great way to add variety and texture to your bar. Now if dimmension is what you are looking for, check the stack of cookies on the cake-stand… adorable!

wedding cookies and milkwedding cookies and milkwedding cookies and milkwedding cookies and milk

Cookie sticks are a nice option, too!.. It definitely looks more sophisticated!

wedding cookies and milk

For a totally out of the box milk and cookies, check the following options.

wedding cookies and milkwedding cookies and milk

Welcome back to BridalMoment! Today’s wedding inspiration comes from my favorite color – purple!!  A hot hue in weddings, this plum variation on the color is popping up at all kinds of events and “I do’s” are no exception. Mysterious and emblematic of royalty, purple is the color of choice for many brides around the world. Here’s a carefully curate collection of purple wedding ideas to make your event memorable.

Don’t like purple? No problem…grab these beautiful details and transform them to fit your color palette.

Decor. Purple is extremely versatile and will allow for a huge range of color options. You want a Spring/Summer wedding, great use the pastels. You want a Fall/Winter look, then there are plenty of rich, bold shades to pick from! You may want to brig it all around the decor  or incorporated in some contrasting touches

purple wedding decorpurple wedding decorpurple wedding decorpurple wedding decor
Look. Please don’t keep this a secret only in your décor… incorporate your color into everything! Start with your attire, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen, and groom. I love the ladies dressed in purple, it takes a little pressure off the bride to incorporate more color than what she’d like in her attire. Keep your look simple with a purple sash white dress or go dramatic with a purple wedding gown. For your men, either a simple accented pocket square, vest, or ties. They don’t have to draped in purple to match your girls, we actually want them to blend in!

purple wedding lookperple wedding dress purple groom look
Bouquet. Polish your look with purple bouquets and you’ll have an ensemble to ensure all eyes are looking at YOU!

purple wedding bouquet
Food. Surprisingly, you’ll find a lot of purple foods for your menu, should you choose to take your theme to the table.  From eggplant to grapes, martinis and cake-pops, even ice-cream or soup puree, your table will look and taste great too!  Or scale back the theme and perhaps weave the color into your cake and/or cupcakes only.

purple wedding food ideaswedding cake purple wedding cake
Other Details. When it comes to bright colors, details make a big difference. I’m madly in love with this ring pillow that this bride used to incorporate a splash of purple into her destination wedding in Vegas.

purple ring pillow

hand painted wedding cakes

I love how intricate, unique and artsy wedding cakes are getting! Gone are the days of the plain cake (woo hoo!). 2013 brought in new wedding trends, including the rise of hand-painted cakes. These sweet confections are true works of art and almost look too good to eat…almost!  As the reception centerpiece, hand-painted cakes are a great way to reflect your theme, the season (spring, fall, etc) or even be made to resemble your invitations and stationary. Below are a few recent faves:

hand painted wedding cakeshand painted wedding cakehand painted wedding cakeshand painted wedding cakes

I remember when I was a little girl dreaming about getting married on a church jam packed with lovely flowers. I didn’t care much about the type of flowers as long as they where white and there was lots and lots of them. And that’s exactly what I did! When the day came, I chose a gorgeous old mission for my ceremony and I gave my wedding planner the only requirement for my ceremony decor– to jam pack the place with white flowers. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t that “magic”! quite honestly, nowadays I wish I’ve had more control over the whole ceremony decor. But it is too late for me, but not late for you my friend!

wedding ceremony flower ideas
Whether you place them along the aisle or in some tall and pretty vases at the altar, flowers are some of the details that probably shouldn’t be miss at any wedding ceremony (in my humble opinion). So here is a gallery with truly gorgeous ideas to get you inspired and invite you to take control over your wedding ceremony decor. Enjoy!

wedding ceremony flower ideas
Flowers at the beginning of the aisle and/or at the altar: Vases + pillars

wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas
Flower along the aisle: Hanging

wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas
Flowers along the aisle: on the floor

wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas wedding ceremony flower ideas

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